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I want to connect my Tinitell to another account

Tinitell can only be connected and managed from one account. You can, however, pair Tinitell to more than one phone via the Tinitell app, but you must use the same account. You can log in with the same account credentials on another smartphone, and you will be able to access the Tinitell app settings and see the device's GPS location updates.

 If you want to connect Tinitell to a different account (full settings management) you need to perform a factory reset on Tinitell.

Follow these steps to reset Tinitell to factory settings: 

  1. Make sure your Tinitell is OFF
  2. Connect the charging cable to the Tinitell and wait for LED lights to come up
  3. Press and hold the "+" volume button
  4. After Tinitell vibrates once, keep pressing the “+" volume button and disconnect the charging cable
  5. Now, release “+" volume button”
  6. The factory reset is confirmed by Tinitell saying "Bye bye, talk you later!" 

If you have trouble performing the factory reset, please contact our customer support team at hello@tinitell.com.

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