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My Tinitell App does not display location updates

Once you have successfully paired your Tinitell with the app, the map will show Tinitell’s position on the map with a coloured pin.

If you have managed to pair your Tinitell with the app, but not with the correct data settings, you will not see the kid's pin on the map, but instead, you will see the message: "Tinitell is not sending location updates yet." 

This means that your Tinitell cannot connect to the internet and this can happen because:

- There is no data on the SIM card inserted in Tinitell; 

- The APN settings for the SIM card inserted in Tinitell are not correct.

The solution to this is simple: you need to add data to the SIM card inserted in Tinitell or to check the APN settings in the Tinitell app. If you don't know how to update the APN settings, please email us to hello@tinitell.com

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