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Tinitell Status Updates

The Tinitell app will display different status updates for your kid's Tinitell in order to let you know whether the device is connected to the cell network or not, if it has a low battery or if it was turned off by the user.

Here's a list of status updates that we may display in the app: 

1. Online
Tinitell is powered on and the shown location is fresh (updated now). As long as you keep the Tinitell app open, the location will be automatically updated. 



2. Low Battery
Tinitell's battery level has dropped below 20% - this is a reminder that you will soon have to charge the Tinitell. 



3. Powered Off
You will see an empty battery icon if the Tinitell has run out of battery. If it was powered off by pressing the big button on the Tinitell face, then you will see an icon that says "OFF". 



4. Not Reachable 
Tinitell has trouble connecting to the network and the app cannot communicate with it. This can happen for the following reasons: 

    • there is no data credit on Tinitell's SIM card,
    • the 2G cell signal in the area is very weak or
    • the SIM card is missing. 

You can still try to call the Tinitell as it will be possible to call if the device is on but without access to the internet. 


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