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Battery & Charging

Your Tinitell is equipped with a Li-ion battery. 3.7V 400mAh. It lasts for a day when location services are on, and up to 3 days when only acting as a phone.

You can check the battery status directly on your Tinitell. Hold the (+) plus button for 2 seconds and the lights will properly indicate the level. 


Only use the Tinitell provided magnetic cable to charge your Tinitell!

You can also charge your Tinitell from a regular socket using a wall adapter with USB. USB charger adapters (like the ones used for cellphones) will regulate the supplied current and when the battery is charged they will stop charging the device. Tinitell is also equipped with surge protection to avoid overcharging. If you want to use a charging block with the Tinitell charging cable, please make sure that it is a 5V / 1A charging block and, if possible, choose a reputable accessory brand. 


How to charge your Tinitell

Connect the USB and the Tinitell with the provided cable. The LED lights will show the charging progress. Keep the Tinitell charging until a green / orange LED is shown (fully charged). It can take up to 2h.




A red blinking light means that you have less of 16% battery on your Tinitell device, and you should connect it to a charger.

When connected, the LEDs around the ring, show the charging progress. It starts with a fast blinking red light when charge is almost zero. As the battery gets charged, the lights will illuminate clockwise. A full charge, is indicated with a solid green or orange light.

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