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Is my Tinitell software up-to-date? How do I update it?

We're continuously upgrading Tinitell's software and introducing new features based on our users' needs and requests. Make sure your Tinitell's software is always up to date in order to get the best performance from your device. 


Introducing Overnight Auto Updates

Remember to leave your Tinitell on and charging overnight and it will automatically update its software, so you don’t have to! Just plug your Tinitell into power before you go to sleep and your device will update automatically overnight. So simple! 

Tinitell will know when the battery has reached 100% capacity and it will stop charging at that point, therefore you don't have to worry about overcharging it. 


However, if you want to manually update Tinitell's software, please use the details below:

• Update the Tinitell app via Google Play or App Store and then follow the steps below.
• Power Tinitell ON and charge it until it has at least 50% battery.
• Bring Tinitell close to your smartphone.
• Open the Tinitell App and switch on your smartphone’s Bluetooth.
• Tap on the kid avatar to open the Tinitell menu.
• Tap on “Settings” > “Updates” and then “Update Now”.
• When the app displays the message “Your Tinitell is now up to date” tap on “Done”.
• Tinitell will restart automatically. Please allow up to 10 minutes for Tinitell to power back on.
• You’re done! 

Happy Talking! 



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