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How do I insert the SIM card?

Make sure you have a micro sim-card, that works on 2G. If in doubt, please consult our list of recommended operators


Use the screw driver to remove the little screw protecting the sim-lid. Carefully open the SIM cover lid. Insert the SIM card with the metal part facing up in the slot in the direction shown in the bottom cover of your Tinitell.


After inserting the sim card, close the sim-lid and press it gently. Make sure that it is flushed on the Tinitell surface. Fasten the screw.

NOTE: Do not over-tight it. It can destroy the plastic.

Every time you insert a new SIM card you will need to restart the Tinitell. You can restart your Tinitell by pressing the call button longer than 8 seconds to turn Tinitell off (until you hear the sound “Bye-bye, see you later!”) and then press the button again to turn Tinitell back on.

If you are changing the SIM card with one that is assigned to another carrier network, please make sure to remove your Tinitell from the Tinitell app (open the app, click on the Kid Icon, go to Settings, then click on Remove Tinitell) and then re-add the Tinitell to the app, like you did the first time. This way, your Tinitell will adjust its settings to the new network. 

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