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Will Tinitell work in my country?

Tinitell is a mobile phone that works on 2G networks around the world, except in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and North Korea (where there are no 2G networks currently). Please check with your preferred carrier that you have 2G coverage in your area.

The links below show what mobile network operators are compatible on 2G, thus with Tinitell (GSM-900/1800):

Tinitell works like any other phone. To start using it you will need to purchase a Micro SIM Card and top it up with voice and mobile data credit. We have tested a number of operators to make sure that Tinitell will work fine in your country, so please follow this reference list of recommended operators per country.


Once you have purchased your micro SIM card from one of the recommended operators, please make sure that you insert it correctly - choose a micro SIM card size, as shown in the image below.



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