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Tinitell Smart Location (GPS Tracking)

With Tinitell, you are able to locate your kid in a safe and secure way. Just open the Tinitell app (after pairing it with Tinitell) and see the location on the map. Tinitell uses GPS, cell tower triangulation and wifi to provide a good location indoors and outdoors. 


In order to see location updates, you just have to pair Tinitell to the Tinitell app on your smartphone. 

If you don't see any location updates in the app, and the location pin remains grey after 15 seconds, please check the following: that you have inserted the SIM card correctly, that you have data on Tinitell's SIM card and that you have activated the SIM card with the carrier. Here's a list of tested carriers for Tinitell. If the answer is "yes" to all these questions and you still encounter issues receiving location updates, please email us to hello@tinitell.com and our support team will help out. 

All set? It’s time to go play outside with your kid! :)

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