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Why is my Tinitell not charging?

If your Tinitell is not charging, it may be time to clean it!

Normal use of a wearable device includes contact with the skin. On a daily basis, we can use different chemical products like sunblock, lotion, mosquito repellant and others. These products combined with the natural sweat our body produces can create a layer on top of the contact pins used for charging Tinitell. This is why the back of the device should be cleaned on a regular basis. Summer season and the increase in outdoor activities might require a higher cleaning frequency than other seasons.

Additionally, traditional charging blocks would stop the flow of energy to a device if not enough current is flowing. This is a safety feature to avoid a device overcharging. But when a device has some dust or particles stopping the proper charging function, it is best to try charging the device on a PC or laptop USB adapter, since these adapters will always provide power.

Follow the steps below in order to clean the Tinitell's charging port. If cleaning your Tinitell will not solve the charging problem, please contact our support team, as your product might have another issue. 

How to clean?

Use a soft cloth with alcohol to remove any dust, particles or excess moisture on the device. Alcohol is non-conductive and dries quickly. Please only do this on the pin area to avoid removing the Tinitell IMEI number from the backplate.

If this is not sufficient, please use an eraser like the one found on the back of a pencil and rub the contact points on your backplate. Any type of eraser is suitable to use, but the harder the eraser the better. After using the eraser, clean again with alcohol and soft wipe to remove any remaining particles.

How NOT to clean?

Do not use any metallic product or abrasive material. Doing this will scratch the surface, making more difficult the connection between the charging cable and the connection pad on the back of Tinitell. In case a product has been cleaned with an abrasive material, the warranty would be void.

Do not use acetone or nail polish. These chemicals can react with the plastic and metallic parts on Tinitell and do irreparable damage. Any damage due to the use of these type of chemical would void the warranty. Water should not be used since it will rust the metallic parts on the back of Tinitell, and takes a long time to dry.

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