• Managing Tinitell's contacts

    Adding contacts to Tinitell

    Via the Tinitell App you can add, edit or delete contacts as you wish. Tinitell can store up to 12 contacts. To manage the contact list open the Tinitell app and make sure your smartphone's Bluetooth is on. During the process, your Tinitell should be close to the smartphone where you have installed the app.

    • Tap on the Tinitell icon in the app.
    • Tap on “Contacts”.
    • Tap on “Add Contact” or the "+" button.
    • Select the contact you want to add from your smartphone agenda or add it manually.
    • Record a voice label by pressing the microphone button.
    • Tap the “✓” or "done" button. 

    Deleting contacts from Tinitell

    In order to remove contacts from Tinitell, you need to bring it close to your smartphone and to open the Tinitell app on your smartphone while having Bluetooth turned on.

    Then, follow these steps:

      • iOS app: open the app -> click on kid icon/name -> click on "Contacts", wait for the list to sync, then swipe left and click delete for every contact you want to remove.
      • Android app: click on kid icon/name -> click on "Contacts", then click on the 3 dots and tap delete for every contact you want to remove. 

    *At the moment you cannot re-order the contacts in the list, therefore, you would have to delete the contacts and re-add them if you want to change their order.

    If you are having trouble adding or deleting contacts, please let us know by emailing hello@tinitell.com and we'll help out.


  • Call blocking on Tinitell

    Tinitell can block external calls to the Tinitell and only allow the numbers already stored on the Tinitell to call the device. You can activate the call blocking feature in the Tinitell app and your kid’s Tinitell will be safe from any unintentional calls or pranks.


    Please follow these steps in order to make your first call to and from Tinitell:



    • Press on the Tinitell icon
    • Press the call icon


    • Make sure Tinitell sits next to your smartphone
    • Press on the Tinitell icon
    • Swipe up the menu screen
    • Press the “Contacts” menu
    • Press the "+" icon and select a contact from your phone's contact list
    • Press the "microphone" icon to record a voice label for that contact (i.e. Mom) then press "Done"
    • You can also turn on / off the call blocking feature from this screen. 


    Read more on how to get started with Tinitell here.

  • Making calls with Tinitell

    With Tinitell your kid is able to make and receive calls in a safe and secure way. Via the Tinitell App you can add, edit or delete contacts as you wish. Tinitell can store up to 12 contacts. 

    • Tap the main button to answer or make a call.
    • Tap up-down on the volume buttons to switch between the contacts. Each contact is associated with a voice label (you have recorded during the "Add Contact" process) and a LED light assigned.
    • Select and call the contact by taping the main button again. A LED animation will signal Tinitell making a call.


    Happy Talking!

  • How to call your kid on Tinitell

    You can call Tinitell after you have paired it with the app on your smartphone. 

    To call Tinitell from the app just tap the profile picture of the Tinitell (bottom right corner of the app) and tap again on the Calling symbol. You can alternatively call Tinitell from the smartphone agenda, like calling any other contact in your list.

    Also, here's how to call from Tinitell

    If you are having trouble calling to or from Tinitell, please check the following: that you have inserted the SIM card correctly and that you are in an area with 2G coverage, that you have enough credit on Tinitell's SIM card and that you have activated the SIM card with the carrier. Here's a list of tested carriers for Tinitell. If the answer is "yes" to all these questions and you still encounter issues receiving location updates, please email us to hello@tinitell.com and our support team will help out. 

  • Calling from Tinitell to Tinitell

    It is quite easy to call a Tinitell from another Tinitell. Just add Tinitell friend's number on the contact list of your Tinitell and you're done. Happy Talking!

  • Calling and travelling abroad

    As long as the roaming option is activated and there is enough credit on Tinitell's SIM Card, Tinitell works in any country in the world, with a few exceptions. Find out more details about Tinitell's network compatibility here.

    Please note that Tinitell needs data credit in order to update its location. As roaming might be expensive, especially data, a valid option for certain countries is to get a prepaid local SIM Card for the Tinitell.

    We have tested a number of operators to make sure that Tinitell will work fine in different countries, so please follow this reference list of recommended operators.